Here’s Brian Clark’s Best Advice on How to Write Better Headlines

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This week’s podcast recommendation is an episode of “Site Success” and it explores Brian Clark’s best practices for writing headlines.

Brian Clark has written a lot of headlines.

And the vast majority of those headlines have been very effective in achieving their simple goal of getting you to click on a post and read it.

In this episode, Sean Jackson and Brian Clark discuss Brian’s best and latest advice on how to write magnetic headlines that readers won’t be able to resist clicking on.

Listen and subscribe to Site Success:

If you use another podcast app, just search for “Site Success” and you should find the show.

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Now here are this week’s five resources to help you create, sell, and grow.

1. Video is the “now.”

It might be time to change your video and media strategy, especially how you measure it. To help you gear up for the further integration of video, here are three tips for navigating the new age of media strategy.

Attention + intensity: Tips for navigating the new age of media strategy

2. Remove friction and nurture loyal customers.

Understanding what people want and delivering it to them in the most seamless, frictionless way is the perfect recipe for strong brand growth.

How Panera uses digital to drive demand and remove friction

3. Master social media listening.

Here are the various ways in which social listening can benefit your company, and how you can utilize it effectively from product development to customer service to marketing.

7 Ways Social Media Listening Can Help You Grow Your Business

4. Mobile app marketing is difficult.

With extremely high competition and numerous data points stacked against them, it’s a miracle mobile app marketers are able to acquire, retain, and engage new users every day. Here are 24 of the best mobile app marketing strategies that span the app marketing spectrum including app store optimization, user acquisition, retention, and analytics.

24 Highly Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies

5. Being persuasive isn’t the same as being pushy.

Most visitors will leave your sales page without buying anything. Some of those people leave as a result of totally avoidable mistakes we’ve made when writing the sales page. In this post, you’ll work through these five mistakes, one by one, and figure out how to correct them.

How to Fix 5 Conversion-Killing Copywriting Mistakes

I hope you find these resources to be useful, and that at least one of them helps you take a meaningful step forward during the course of the next week.

Thank you for your attention and have a great weekend!

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