A Simple Framework for Pricing Digital Goods

Do you struggle with how to price your online products? Well, this episode will help.

Pricing your product or service can be a challenge. Too cheap and you can’t make your rent, too expensive no one will buy. So what do you do?

Pricing does not need to be a huge challenge … if you start with the right framework.

In this episode, we deconstruct pricing models and give you a proven formula you can use to set the right price.

Yes, there is some math involved (sorry), but in the end, pricing your eBook, training course, or any digital good, does not have to be a huge challenge.

In this 30-minute episode, Sean Jackson and Jessica Frick discuss the most common concerns and proven strategies for pricing, including …

  • The #1 rule that you must follow when setting your pricing
  • Why understanding your costs is the key to an effective pricing strategy
  • Solid guidelines that will help demystify pricing
  • Why you should always start out at a high price
  • And of course, our question for the week – Is PPC for everyone?


The Show Notes

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