How a Steady and Consistent Content Strategy Took SoulSalt From 667 to 147,700 Monthly Visits


increase in
organic traffic



featured snippets won


increase in

referring domains

“Our SEO is so great that we have clients who sell themselves on us before they even have their first discovery session.”

Lyn Christian

SoulSalt Founder

SouSalt had a message of meaning it wanted to share but was restricted on all sides by powerful, established competitors.

Here’s how Digital Commerce Partners (DCP) helped SoulSalt develop a consistent and crystal-clear content strategy to amplify its voice, outrank the competition, and emerge as one of the leading voices in its field.

The Client: SoulSalt’s Goal to Lead the Personal Development Space

SoulSalt, operating at, is in the business of courage. Since 2002, they’ve been providing personal development and coaching to help people reframe daunting personal or professional obstacles.

SoulSalt is spearheaded by Lyn Christian, a Master Certified Coach via the International Coach Federation, a certified mBIT Coach (Multiple Brain Integration), and a graduate of CoachU, an accredited program with the International Coaching Federation and Brigham Young University (B.A. in education).

SoulSalt Homepage Screenshot

The Challenge: Standing Out in a Crowded Space

Before working with DCP, the SoulSalt website was getting an average of 665 monthly visits. They felt like they had a lot to say in the coaching and personal development space, and needed an online presence to facilitate that. 

The problem was that this space was hugely oversaturated. How could they stand out above the myriad of different coaches on the internet? Furthermore, how could they reach their audience to provide genuine solutions and advice?

They had a website with a lot of existing content, but there was no rhyme or reason for what they were posting – in short, they had no strategy. And that’s exactly what was needed to grow traffic organically.

The Solution: A Crystal Clear Content Strategy Coupled With a New Website

Digital Commerce Partners started working with SoulSalt and immediately saw that what was missing was a comprehensive content strategy – the website also had to be rebuilt from the ground up.

We worked closely with the client to rebuild their website into something that didn’t just facilitate excellent content but acted as a platform for them to expand their business as their offerings proliferated.

“Instead of simply building a website, you built up a piece of our business structure. You took the time to know us deeply and were able to develop our brand infinitely better.” – Lyn Christian.

Whether this was additional courses, boot camps, coaching, or, most recently, the SoulSalt book, we wanted to create a space that allowed the client to strategically spread their message and implement a conversion funnel that would ultimately increase their bottom line.

“We’ve discovered our business model is wrapped around our SEO – we get speaking events purely off the blog.” – Lyn Christian.

We took down a lot of existing content that didn’t quite fit and began implementing a carefully thought-out editorial strategy that involved SEO research, competitor analysis, and content planning.

The Results: A 22,111% Increase in Organic Visits

Before working with DCP, SoulSalt’s website was getting an average of 665 organic visits per month. After a year, that number jumped to 8,000. Six months later, it skyrocketed to 90,000 and eventually 147,700!

SoulSalt Traffic

Beyond the undeniable analytics, the client was happy to report that their presence was being noticed in markets all over the world.

“We’re now really big in Australia and India. In fact, we’re as big as Brene Brown is over there. And I have to say that’s because of our SEO.” – Lyn Christian

A 10X Increase in Backlinks Without Any Outreach

Within the first three years, we took SoulSalt from 69 referring domains to 691 – a tenfold increase in backlinks without absolutely no paid outreach.

“With DCP, we’re using the sophistication of keyword searches to find out what the marketplace wants – and meeting the needs of our audience that way.” – Lyn Christian.

What does that mean in plain speech? Simply that other websites keep finding our articles valuable and useful enough to link to them, increasing their authority and further broadening SoulSalt’s reach.

SoulSalt Referring Domains Screenshot

56 High-Value Featured Snippets Won

We also managed to reverse-engineer 56 Featured Snippets targeting extremely high-value keywords.

Now, when you search for any of these terms, they’re not only the first thing you see on Google’s results page – they dominate the top half of the page.

SoulSalt Featured Snippet
SoulSalt Featured Snippet
SoulSalt Featured Snippet

From 213 to 11,670 Organic Keywords

Before we started working with SoulSalt, they ranked for just 213 organic keywords. Fast forward two years, and they were ranking for an astonishing 11,670 organic keywords!
Of those, 3,367 ranked in the top 20 of the Google SERPs!

SoulSalt Organic Keywords

Benefits Beyond the Numbers

Aside from the skyrocketing results, the client also loved the impact that our content has had (and continues to have) on their community.

“It’s rare to find a company that moves the dial and makes an impact like you do. We know it takes some time, but we trust you to get us there.” – Lyn Christian.

SoulSalt regularly gets messages and emails from people who have found direction and purpose after coming across our articles.

Their partnership with DCP nourishes not just their bottom line, but the wellbeing of the people who look to them for guidance and advice.

“If someone is interested in making sure that their website is an asset, understand that SEO is a long game, and have a quality service or product, they should talk to you.” – Lyn Christian.

The takeaway?

SEO takes time – but it works.

“Throughout our partnership, you have stayed consistent. You’ve held the line when we needed you to, delivered quality, and delivered everything you said you would.”

Lyn Headshot small

Lyn Christian

SoulSalt Founder

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