The Content Checklist to Boost Your Confidence

Let’s just put it out there: In today’s world of digital commerce, publishing second-rate content is a total waste of time.

Sometimes you’ll see a marketer complaining that:

I spent two years doing all of that blogging and email stuff and I never saw anything out of it.

A closer look at their content usually shows exactly why they’re not getting traction.

So much content suffers from little professionalism “leaks.” Errors that undermine the content’s authority, squander audience interest, and detract from business goals.

It doesn’t take a very big leak to make it impossible to fill a bucket.

And most of the time, these problems are completely fixable.

You don’t need to be perfect

Now, it would be a mistake to think you have to be some kind of prize-winning author in order to create solid, interesting, highly engaging content.

Whether you’re creating text, audio, video, or any other format, there are a handful of key elements you need to hit consistently. The elements that prevent those annoying “leaks.”

Of course, as you build skill, your content will keep getting even more effective. But sometimes, even great writing misses the mark.

Take a look at LSAT Clarity, they research and publish content to help and enable their readers to pass an extremely difficult test.

When they publish their results of the best LSAT prep courses, they follow a systematic process of research, writing, and publishing – and it shows.

You don’t need to be perfect, but having a proven system can get you closer.

Ever wonder why some wonderful writers don’t see success with their content?

You may have run across delightfully written content that doesn’t seem to get the writer any closer to their goals.

Solid, strong writing is important for a content marketer.

But solid, strong strategy is even more important.

When you can put both of them together, you’ll be unstoppable.

If for some weird reason you had to pick just one to get started, choose a strategy.

Smart strategy, consistently implemented, is the fastest way to get where you want to go.

And wonderful writing with weak strategy too often becomes a frustrating waste of time.

Consistent quality

It’s one thing to be able to produce a good piece of content.

It’s another to keep producing consistently high-quality material, week after week and month after month.

You could try to rely on your own instincts or talent. But some days, those things are in short supply. It’s smarter to develop a simple, reliable process.

Your process shouldn’t be so complicated that you won’t do it.

And it can’t be so simplistic that you miss important parts.

Well … you don’t have to be.

A quick and easy resource

Now, you may know that we produce a lot of in-depth, comprehensive courses and workshops at Copyblogger. One day, we’d love for you to join us for one of those!

This one is different.

It’s fast and easy, so you can learn what you need to know and start applying it immediately. (Like, today. Maybe even within the hour.)

It revolves around our Content Confidence Checklist — a simple resource that can boost the quality of literally every single piece of content you ever create.

The Checklist helps you make sure that your content:

  • Speaks to the right audience
  • Moves your organization toward your larger goals
  • Conveys your authority
  • Shows polish and professionalism
  • Converts interested audience members into loyal customers

Let’s make this really easy

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to make this really, really affordable.

We don’t want content creators to waste months or even years, when they could be getting traction right now and moving forward!

Here’s what you get

The core of this mini workshop is a PDF checklist you can review each time you publish a blog post, infographic, podcast, or video, to make sure your content is as strong as it can be.

We’ve also included a detailed audio walkthrough with Sonia Simone, Copyblogger’s chief content officer, to explain each step.

And you get additional resources to help with specific elements, like crafting more compelling headlines or gaining a deep understanding of who you’re serving with this content.

The Checklist is designed to be useful for content creators of all levels — from those looking to improve their skills, to experienced writers who want to make sure each piece of content is working as hard as it possibly can.