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We’ve also won content and growth awards from companies you’ve heard of, like Semrush, Backlinko, and Clutch …

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… But what we care about the most is seeing your product sales go up. Our agency’s accolades will play second-fiddle to your increased website traffic and conversions.

You have enough on your to-do list. Here’s how we’ll handle your SEO.


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Ecommerce SEO Services

Top SEO Benefits for Your Ecommerce Site    

Ecommerce SEO services are a long-term solution that help connect you with more customers who need exactly what you sell. It’s a process that will be customized to benefit both your customers and your business.

1. Convert More People Ready to Buy

On-page optimization for product pages targets search terms with commercial and transactional intent. This is the most highly targeted traffic you can get – people ready to buy.

2. Reduce Your Ad Spend

Paid traffic is essential, but you don’t have to use just one strategy. Ecommerce SEO, lowers your customer acquisition costs as you reach new customers without extra ad spend.

3. Boost Brand Awareness

Brand visibility targets different stages of the buyer’s journey: attract prospects, educate them, and persuade them to buy.

4. Increase Organic Traffic

Consistent organic traffic brings more interested customers to your site and positions your products and content to be shared.

SEO for Product People

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Wondering how to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of search?

Take a look at what our data-driven services can do for your online store.

Due to our services’ personalized and intensive nature, we can only work with a limited number of clients.

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Ecommerce SEO Services & Strategies   

Want to take a behind-the-scenes look at our process?

Here are six services and strategies that help your business win.

Keyword Research and Content Mapping

Keyword Research and Content Mapping

We perform keyword research and analysis, and then map (or remap) the most vaouable keywords to the correct categories, products, or content based on search intent and opportunity.

Keyword optimization is fundamental to enhancing the search visibility of your product pages.

Proper keyword usage ensures your products appear in front of the right audience at the right time, increasing the chance of conversion.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

We’re Backlinko’s #1 recommended on-page optimization service because of our comprehensive approach and attention to detail.

We analyze competitor pages first, and then write new content, meta descriptions, and titles for category and product pages.

Care to join us as we walk the line between SEO and Conversions?

Your product copy needs to both rank in search engines and focus on a user’s needs, desires, and wants. Next, we optimize internal linking for a seamless navigation experience.

Category and Content Expansion

Category and Content Expansion

Categories are massive opportunities for targeting bottom-of-funnel keywords – so we look for category expansion opportunities based on competitor gaps, existing inventory, and product overlaps.

Effectively differentiating and linking your category and product pages ensures they work in harmony, enhancing site navigation and SEO.

It’s essential to ensure that listing your products in various categories enhances their visibility without creating duplicate content issues.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Ecommerce SEO isn’t just about attracting people to your online store. A content strategy that complements your SEO encourages people to stay on your site, buy your products, and become life-long customers.

Search intent informs the word count and format of the content we write, as well as the subsections, headings, and logical progression of the text.

Our goal is a smooth and enjoyable experience for the user that persuades them to buy.

Technical SEO for Search Engine Rankings and UX

Technical SEO for Search Engine Rankings and UX

Our Proprietary 83-Point Website Health Audit creates a roadmap for improvements to existing pages and new opportunities.

Ecommerce sites need to prioritize creating secure payment gateways, monitoring out-of-stock (OOS) pages, and perfecting product detail pages (PDPs). We can help.

Fast, intuitive navigation with a clear menu keeps visitors engaged, which leads to more conversions and repeat customers.

Website Structure and Usability

Website Structure and Usability

A fast page speed, mobile readiness, and a clear sitemap are all critical for SEO and user experience.

Schema markup is a type of structured data that you add to the HTML of your pages. It helps search engines understand the content of your pages better and provides more informative results to users.

Implementing schema markup on your ecommerce product pages dramatically enhances visibility in search results and improves click-through rates (CTR).

Done-For-You Ecommerce SEO Packages: Growth Simplified

You’ve got 101 things already on your to-do list. So our job is to simplify your life – not over-complicate it with endless options.

As a done-for-you service provider, we handle this process of research, optimization, and technical improvements for you — and keep it as straightforward as possible. 

Plus, we keep you updated with regular progress reports to measure how we connect more customers to your products.

But Mr. Cash says it better than we ever could.

“If I feel like my song is sung. I don’t care if it’s short.”

Johnny Cash

We don’t like to over-complicate things either.

“If your sales went up, we don’t care if our SEO packages are simple.”

DCP Philosophy

Simple, but complete.

Case Studies That Highlight Increased Product Sales  

Now let’s peel back the curtain to reveal other companies we’ve worked with that are just like yours.

You’ll discover:

  • Challenges some of our clients have faced
  • Solutions we’ve presented
  • Results we’ve achieved


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