The Power of Not Being Stubborn

The Digital Entrepreneur
The Digital Entrepreneur
The Power of Not Being Stubborn

What do advanced sports analytics have to do with digital commerce? Well, everything — at least when it comes to the story of Ed Feng and his site The Power Rank.

In this 31-minute episode, Ed shares a number of lessons he has learned in his half decade as a digital entrepreneur:

  • Why he’s so committed to “doing remarkable things.”
  • How not being stubborn was the key to turning a hobby into a thriving business
  • The important advice from Sonia Simone … that Ed ignored (and later regretted)
  • Why he’s struggling to move forward with a podcast
  • The classic book that has made a huge impact on Ed’s ability to build his audience and convert customers

And more. Plus, Ed answers my rapid fire questions at the end … which includes one of the simplest productivity hacks you’ll ever hear, and mention of this sensational video: Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats.


The Show Notes

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