Jon Nastor

Hi, I’m the Managing Partner at Digital Commerce Partners.
I’m a content-obsessed marketer who loves driving organic traffic for outstanding companies.

I run Digital Commerce Partners – a boutique digital marketing agency that has the power to propel businesses and transform lives.

“If you want something to change:
You have to do it, Get it done,
Or stop complaining about it.”

Jon Nastor

Managing Partner, DCP

I’m also the creator of Hack the Entrepreneur, co-host of The Showrunner, and owner of several digital commerce sites.

I have been starting online businesses and helping entrepreneurs stop procrastinating for the past 13 years.

My entrepreneurial journey began with multiple businesses offline, but in 2011 I discovered ‘how to make money online‘ and decided that I would never work offline again.

By 2012, I was running a successful software company from my laptop, traveling the world with my wife and daughter, and playing drums in a punk rock band.

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