How to Hire the Right Contractor or Employee for Your Online Business

The Digital Entrepreneur
The Digital Entrepreneur
How to Hire the Right Contractor or Employee for Your Online Business

It can be intimidating hiring contractors or employees for your online business. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to do it.

At some point as your online business grows, you will need outside help. And making that transition from a “soloprenuer” to running a team can be a little scary.

But the truth is, bringing in the right help at the right time is an essential part of growing a successful business.

So the question is when and whom? Should you bring them in early in your business growth, or later? Should you hire a contractor to do continuous work or hire an employee?

We cover all of this and more with our very special guest, Jess Ostroff from Don’t Panic Management.

In this 41-minute episode, Sean Jackson, Jessica Frick, and Jess Ostroff discuss the key components of hiring, including…

  • The pros and cons of bringing in help early or later
  • The best way to start the process
  • Why contractors working a regular schedule may be the best way to start
  • When to make the leap and hire a full-time employee
  • The best methods for integrating staff into your business
  • And when and why you should let them go
  • Finally, our question for the week – How unique is too unique when creating your unique selling proposition?


The Show Notes

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